Priorities Part 1

There is no one perfect budget or solution for everyone when it comes to personal finance. Everyone has different wants and needs in life. With that everyone has different levels of sacrifice which they are comfortable with. Take my family, for instance, I am the sole provider while my wife stays home with our kids while they are not young enough for elementary school. It was important for us for her to stay home as this was something we envisioned for our family. The sacrifices that we choose to make for this to happen are such things as; reducing the number of times we go out to eat every month, I bring my lunch to work every day, we don’t go out and blow money at shopping malls or bars like we used too. These are a few things.

I say this because we sometimes look at people and the lifestyle they live and we think to ourselves why can’t we have a boat or why can’t we have football season tickets or why can’t we be members of a country club. You can but you have to choose what is important to you and what your personal financial plan is. Hopefully, this blog will give you some tools and some advice you haven’t received on another site that can help figure out your personal financial plan.


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